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Dr. Amy Acton Day?

Dr. Amy Acton Day?


By now it should come as no surprise that Dr. Amy Acton is viewed as a controversial public figure in Ohio. As our state’s COVID-19 response is reviewed, Acton is seen as an inspiration to some while considered troublesome by others.

While many across the nation initially approved of her handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, the praise around her began to wane as people tired of the continued shutdown began protesting the total shutdown of Ohio.


On June 11, Acton called it quits, citing that she wanted to take time off to be with her family and gear up for fighting the next phase of COVID-19. Now some Ohioans—most likely the approving side of the controversy— hope to preserve her legacy for the history books.

According to a report from The Columbus Dispatch, a bill was introduced by Democratic Reps. Mary Lightbody and Kent Smith on Monday that would make Feb. 26 “Dr. Amy Acton Day” in Ohio. Feb. 26 marks the date in 2019 when Acton was named health commissioner by Gov. Mike DeWine.

Is having a day named after Acton going too far? Or is exactly what Ohio should do? Sound off in the comments below.

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