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More parking meters to get technological upgrades

More parking meters to get technological upgrades


The traditional parking meter will soon be nothing more than a historical relic in Columbus.

While parking payment kiosks and mobile pay parking spaces have become the new normal in parts of our city, now Goodale Park and additional downtown areas will join areas enjoying those technological upgrades. 

The new kiosks and mobile pay spaces will take the place of nearly 700 parking meters starting today. The kiosks accept credit and debit cards as well as coins for payment. The ParkColumbus mobile app is available for contactless payment–one of the reasons for the continued replacement of the old parking meters, according to a press release from the Department of Public Service.


Below you can find the specifics of when and where the parking meters will be replaced:

  • Week of July 13 – three payment kiosks will replace 247 meters on Goodale and Park streets, one kiosk will replace 57 meters in the Greenwood Ave. parking lot, and one kiosk will replace 24 meters in the Eden Alley lot
  • Week of July 20 – one kiosk will replace 86 meters between Broad and Long streets
  • Week of July 27 – mobile payment will replace 188 meters around Columbus State Community College on Long, Spring, 6th, Groves, and McCoy streets and Grant Ave.
  • Week of August 3 – mobile payment will replace 103 meters on Rich St. between 5th St. and Washington Ave.


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