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Stock & Barrel: Fall 2020

Stock & Barrel: Fall 2020

Lori Schmidt

Stock & Barrel is on fire for fall, so we’re covering all things smoky, spicy, and grilled!

These include:

  • Tailgate foods you can enjoy with or without the tailgate
  • Kitchen kits for that DIY fine dining experience
  • Six cocktails for an at-home happy hour
  • A local restaurant is serving up three courses of bacon
  • The fact that your county fair is canceled doesn’t mean you can’t find fair food
  • A rundown of what you need to know about smoked cheeses
  • Tips to help prepare your burgers like a grillmaster
  • And s’mores!

The reading experience is optimized for tablet devices. Turn your phone or tablet horizontally for the 2-page spread view or vertically for the single-page view.


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