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Stock & Barrel: Spring 2020

Stock & Barrel: Spring 2020


When we went to press with the Spring issue may weeks ago, we were excited to share the stories of some of the great family restaurants in Columbus. Though we are now living in a different world, you can still read some uplifting stories and find new, deserving local businesses to support in these trying times. Your community thanks you!

In this issue:

  • No alcohol, no problems: rise of zero-proof cocktails
  • Nick Manos of Brewdog creating new line of nanobrews
  • Sarah’s Beer Cheese soup recipe
  • Dumplings done right
  • The Beeline pays homage to OH’s railways
  • The purely Columbus-based sandwich
  • Family Ties: multi-generational establishments
  • Plant-based soul food at this new pop-up
  • Brew Hop: three breweries, one night

The reading experience is optimized for tablet devices. Turn your phone or tablet horizontally for the 2-page spread view or vertically for the single-page view.

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