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7 Ideas for a low-budget first date

614now Staff



We’re only going to say this once so get your notepads and pens out: dinner and a movie is not a first date.

There are so many problems with this date set-up. It doesn’t provide room for conversation; are you going to talk over the movie? It’s unimaginative; remember your first ever date? It was probably dinner and a movie. And with a little research, you’ll find a plethora of first date options that are fresh, fun, and hopefully will lead to a second date.

That’s where we come in. Check out these 7 creative ideas to pull off the ideal first date on the cheap.

Watch Ohio State’s other sports teams

Football season is over; we’re sad, too. That being said, Buckeye sports never stops in this city. Whether it’s Chris Holtmann leading the men’s basketball squad or the top-15 ranked women’s ice hockey team, there’s options for all sporties. Splurge on nice seats, or simply enjoy each other’s company from the nosebleeds.

Coffeeshop Run and a Trip To The Local Record Stores
There are a plethora of options throughout the city so this date option has many paths to follow. If you are looking to spend a morning or afternoon Downtown, Upper Cup Coffee on Parsons Ave. is just a few blocks away from Spoonful Records. Alternatively, if you are near Clintonville or campus, Used Kids Record store is nearby and so is Babas Coffee for a cup of joe to kick start the date.

High Beck Free Ping Pong and Pizza

Who doesn’t love a free night out on a Monday? Belly up to the bar at High Beck in the evening where free Columbus-style pizzas will be served up throughout the night. While these pizzas aren’t gourmet, the interesting toppings that find their way out of the kitchen are proof that you can put just about anything on a pizza. And the ping-pong table in the back provides for some friendly-competition.


Laundry and Drinks at Dirty Dungarees

Dating is fun, but it can be time consuming. For an unconventional night out that will also allow you to get shit done, grab some quarters and take your date over to Dirty Dungarees. Pop in a load and sip your way through the spin cycle at this unique/bar laundromat concept—where you can sometimes catch a rock show—all while getting a revealing look at what makes your partner tick by completing one of life’s most menial weekly tasks. Doesn’t use fabric softener? Weird method for folding socks? Maybe they’re not the one…

P3 Magic Show on Tuesdays

This is a mandatory two-part date. Part one is obvious: watch the free magic show in amazement and disbelief. The second part is crucial: drinks afterwards with your date to figure out how the hell those tricks were actually pulled off. We can’t promise you’ll get to the bottom of the tricks, but keep sipping those cocktails and it’ll all work out.


The beginning of relationships starts with a lot of presumptions and it’s nice to get some confirmation in the early stages. No one wants to move in with someone only to find out they have an obsession with clown paintings. Take your date antiquing and thrifting to get a taste for their design eye, and find out if your styles are compatible.

Get Lost at The German Village Book Loft

While this is a fantastic affordable date option, be warned! The Book Loft Twitter account is savage and you aren’t the first, nor the last, to have the idea of bringing your potential partner to the bookstore. They can spot a first date from a mile away, and you might find yourself the subject of a tweet afterwards. C’est la vie!

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Things To Do

Travel to NYC for under $30? Flixbus bringing service to Columbus

614now Staff



A new service launching in Columbus wants to get you to destinations such as Pittsburgh and New York City at a fraction of the cost of traveling by air.

FlixBus will begin offering a route connecting Columbus and New York City, with stops in Pittsburgh, Harrisburg and Philadelphia, on March 5. The cost to travel from Columbus to NYC will be around $29.99, and just $9.99 will get you to Pittsburgh.

Aside from its low prices, FlixBus sets itself apart with amenities such as free on-board wifi, power outlets at every seat, free on-board entertainment through an app, and free carry-on and checked luggage.

For information on FlixBus' rates, routes and more, check out their website.

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2 new cheetah cubs are “huge accomplishment” for Columbus Zoo

614now Staff



In a groundbreaking scientific breakthrough, two cheetah cubs have been born through in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer into a surrogate mother at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

While the cubs’ biological mother is Kibibi, the cubs—one male, one female—were delivered on Wednesday, February 19 by Isabelle (Izzy).

Izzy, a first-time mom, has been providing great care to her cubs at this time, reported the Columbus Zoo in a release.

“These two cubs may be tiny but they represent a huge accomplishment, with expert biologists and zoologists working together to create this scientific marvel,” said Dr. Randy Junge, the Columbus Zoo’s Vice President of Animal Health. “This achievement expands scientific knowledge of cheetah reproduction, and may become an important part of the species’ population management in the future.”

According to the release, attempts to artificially inseminate cheetahs often have not been successful, with the last one occurring in 2003. The achievement at the Columbus Zoo brings the potential to help ensure the survival of cheetahs in their native range.

“I am very proud of the team for this accomplishment,” said Jason Ahistus, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center Carnivore Curator. “It gives the cheetah conservation community another tool to use in cheetah management, both in situ and ex situ. It really opens the door to many new opportunities that can help the global cheetah population. This is a big win for the cheetah.”

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New comedy club bringing laughs downtown this summer

614now Staff



Started as a small improv group around the fall of 2012, Hashtag Comedy Co. has since grown into a full-fledged improv comedy company offering shows, classes, and training to comedy fans in Central Ohio. 

Now, Hashtag has announced a new downtown headquarters to help keep the laughs coming. Opening Summer 2020 at 346 E Long St. at the corner of Long and Grant in downtown Columbus, the venue will focus on improv comedy but also provide audiences with standup, sketch, and variety shows.

“Opening a space for people to be creative and showcase their comedy has been a dream of ours for nearly our entire time together,” Sarah J Storer, founding member, co-owner and Artistic Director at The Hashtag Comedy Company says on their website. “When this opportunity came to us to open a venue in the heart of the city we love, we knew it was the right time and place to make it happen.”

The venue will hold 45-55 patrons on most nights, but can open to accommodate up to 90 for specialty shows and engagements. Stocked with a bar in the theater space and right next door to gourmet to-go kitchen Cluster Truck, patrons will be able to enjoy a great meal and a drink while taking in a show. Classes and corporate workshops will occupy the space during weekends and non-show nights as well as working hours during the day. 

To learn more about how you can get involved with The Hashtag Comedy Company, visit

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