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From their kitchens to yours

From their kitchens to yours


Columbus DIY meal kits let you enjoy fine dining in your own home

While some Columbus restaurants can’t bring people together at the moment, there’s still a resounding belief that cooking a meal in person or on zoom with your family and friends during these uncertain times will provide the comfort and familiarity we’re all craving. 

Lucky for you, the trend of creating a restaurant-inspired DIY meal kit for you to take home has caught on—they provide the ingredients and recipe, you do the cooking! So bring out your inner culinary genius with these four DIY meal kit suggestions from local Columbus restaurants. 

 The Kitchen 

Meal Kits & Cheese Boards $25-75

Locally sourced and locally created, The Kitchen’s passion is creating memories through food. Take this opportunity to become a chef and cook a delicious three-course meal for two all from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Choose from six different themed meal kits; Italian and Spanish, Southern Exposure, Steak House Dinner, Sensational Summer Night, or Quick and Delicious. Each kit comes with a link to easy-to-read recipe instructions with bonus tips and tricks and pre-measured ingredients from local partners like Bluescreek Farm, The Butcher and Grocer, and Mushroom Harvest. The ingredients can hold in your refrigerator for 24-48 after pick-up.

Vegetarian or Gluten-Free? Not a problem! Let The Kitchen know about your dietary restrictions and they’ll do their very best to accommodate you. The best part about all of this? Not only can you order a meal to cook at home, but they’re also offering the option to donate a meal kit to help feed those that are most vulnerable right now, such as families in one of the many industries that have been put out of business temporarily by the government’s Stay at Home order. How is that for giving back to the local community right now? If a three-course meal isn’t your jam, The Kitchen also offers decadent cheese board kits and cocktails to-go. 


Graze Boxes $68-$128

Is your charcuterie board coming up short? Whether you are hosting a family gathering, zoom house party, or romantic date night at home, let Sharecuterie come to the rescue and make the table impression you were hoping for.

You have the option to choose between the Small Graze Board (serves 2-3), a Large Graze Board (serves 4-6), or the Italian Fruit Board (serves 4-6). The Small Graze Board includes two kinds of cheese, two types of meat, crackers, fruit, jam, pickles and something sweet. The Large Graze Board includes three kinds of cheese, three types of meat, crackers, fruit, jam, honey pickles or olives, and something sweet. The Italian Fruit Board provides a combination of strawberries, honeydew, cantaloupe, and watermelon and is also highlighted by melon with arugula wrapped in Prosciutto.  This board also offers a mascarpone cheese dip with a sweet honey drizzle, as well as burrata and mozzarella garnished with fresh mint and toast crackers.

Each of these options can be customized to meet your individual needs or dietary restrictions such as Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, Nut Allergy, and more. Since all of these contain perishable items and are made the same day as pick-up or delivery to ensure its freshness it is highly recommended to be eaten the same day. The best part about these three choices? All of them include a handmade or custom engraved charcuterie board for you to keep and set all of your items onto to make it fuss-free from start to finish. Catch them for delivery or at Nocterra Brewery on Monday’s. 

The Dipped Donut

DIY Donut Decorating Kits $20

Maple Bacon? Strawberry Fruity Pebbles? Caramel Sea Salt? Vanilla Rainbow Sprinkle?? The combinations are endless. So, if you have been craving something sweet, donut worry, The Dipped Donut has you covered.

Each of their DIY donut kits includes 12 heavenly vanilla cake donuts, two icings, and four toppings of your picking to decorate at home with the kids, your girlfriends, your SO, or in preparation for a fun brunch. Dip each donut in one of two delicious icing flavors, such as chocolate, vanilla, caramel, or maple and then top it off with some savory toppings everyone will love from sprinkles to M&M’s, coconut, fruity pebbles and bacon.

The contents in kits vary based on your likes and vegan and gluten-free options are available.  Just be sure to call ahead because they only offer gluten-free production once a month to eliminate any risk of cross-contamination. Having a child with Celiac, they take this very seriously and will not serve any non-gluten-free products on the day of production. Have fun dipping and decorating!

Pies and Pints 

Pizza Making Kit $7 or $5 with every $25 purchase

What do you do when you are exhausted from yet another game of monopoly, words against humanity or Mario Kart? Make pizza, of course!

Pies and Pints will provide you everything you need to make two small personal pizzas or one 10 inch pie including the dough, the sauce, the cheese and the pepperoni. If you want other toppings, just ask! Once you get home, start with a clean surface, douse it with some flour, roll out your dough and slather about two tablespoons of sauce right in the middle of your pizza crust. Spread the sauce out using the back of a spoon for the best coverage then add your cheese, pepperoni and if you want a little extra warmth of flavor, throw in a teaspoon of crushed red pepper flakes if you have some in your spice collection. Cook each pie for 12-15 minutes at 400 degrees then simply enjoy your pizza pie.

For customers with Celiac Disease or wheat allergies, call to substitute the hand-tossed dough for gluten-free or the blend of provolone & mozzarella cheese for Daiya vegan cheese. Be aware that Pies and Pints gluten-free options are NOT made in a 100% gluten-free environment, but they will do their best to make your food as gluten-free as possible. 


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