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Five ways to create space in your yard

Five ways to create space in your yard

Sarah Sole

With warmer weather fast approaching, now is the time to prep your yard for those spring and summer gatherings with friends. With some landscaping fixes, you can update your yard to create gathering spaces as well as relaxation spots.


Physical structures

No matter how big or small your space is, structures are a great way to divide up areas and create space, said Noah Mabry, principal lead designer with Foreground Studio. These can run the gamut from a slanted roof with four posts to pergolas, to an open-air addition to your home.

Natural barriers

Tired of white picket fences? Hedges are a natural way to create layers out of your landscape and divide up yard elements, such as a garden, said Will Lehnert, owner of Outdoor Space Design. 


Trellises can be an excellent, period-appropriate choice for historic properties, Lehnert said. “That’s an excellent way to create layering and dimension,” he said. 

Rooftop gardens

Rooftop gardens and patios can be a great way to create your ultimate outdoor room, said Bill Gerhardt, president and founder of GreenScapes Landscape Co. Create yours with bright pavers, raised planters, and pergolas or arbors with cloth awnings or drapes. “Add low voltage LED lighting for romantic evenings,” Gerhardt said.


Get more mileage out of your flowers by taking them out of the ground. Visually interesting planters can not only add a bit of seasonal color, but also help create a sense of architectural design, Lehnert said. 


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