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Five ways to rejuvenate your yard with native and natural concepts

Five ways to rejuvenate your yard with native and natural concepts

Sarah Sole

Bright green grass is certainly aspirational, but all it takes is a critical and creative eye to turn your yard into a gorgeous retreat. Read on to learn different concepts to level up that lawn.


Native gardens

Gardens incorporating native plants are very popular right now, and serve as an escape from the home, said Noah Mabry, principal lead designer with Foreground Studio. These concepts offer a more natural feel, and can make your yard feel more like a metro park.  

Bird-attracting wildlife gardens

Recently, there’s been a move toward native and sustainable plants, said Bill Gerhardt, president and founder of GreenScapes Landscape Co. “That’s definitely been a trend,” he said. In that vein, gardens that attract birds and wildlife are having a bit of a moment. 

Raised planters

Gerhardt recommends using brightly colored planters of plastic or fiberglass in blues, reds, or yellows to create space, block views, or just enhance your yard. To make sure the pots drain, add gravel in the bottom and buy good potting soil from a garden center. “Vary the height of the plants from small perennials to medium shrubs and decorative trees like weeping Japanese maples,” he said.

Fruit trees

Edible plants are having a moment. Gerhardt said to try growing espaliered apple trees against a wall or garden border. “You can get apple trees with multiple grafts of different apples on the same tree,” he said.  

Ornamental pots
Your vegetables don’t have to live in a garden plot. According to Gerhardt, beautiful pots with vegetables or fruit have been very much on trend. 


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