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How Columbus families celebrated summer

How Columbus families celebrated summer



Connor McAninch, 15, and his sister Marley Williamson, 5, had a great time collecting seashells at Destin Beach, Fla., after a storm. Photo courtesy of Jason McAninch

Mackenzie Baxendale, left, and her sister, Caitlynn Baxendale, were not eaten alive when they visited the aquarium in North Carolina in mid-July. They did, however, have a great vacation. Photo courtesy of Erin Baxendale


It’s always the summer of ice cream here in Columbus as Emery Coe enjoyed a Jeni’s ice cream cone on a day trip around Grandview with Mom, Tracey. Photo courtesy of Tracey Coe

Lisa Foster, of Dublin, and her granddaughter (pictured here), Ashley Persino, vacationed in June at Elver Park in Madison, Wisc.  Clearly, Ashley was loving every minute of it. Photo courtesy of Lisa Foster

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