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Five ways to make your yard look hot

Five ways to make your yard look hot

Sarah Sole

There are so many ways to create a cozy space in your yard. You can literally bring the heat with a fire element, or use lamps and lights to creatively highlight plants or other elements. To help you plan this spring, here are five design elements to consider to add a bit of fire to your space.


Outdoor fireplaces

You gotta go big or go home, right? According to Will Lehnert, owner of Outdoor Space Design, nothing is more aesthetically pleasing than an outdoor fireplace. “It becomes a visual point,” he said. 

Cooking areas

Over the last 15 years or so, a variety of outdoor-specific cooking appliances have made their way to the market, said Bill Gerhardt, president and founder of GreenScapes Landscape Co. Ovens, grills, pizza ovens, and even smokers are, you’ll excuse the pun, hot items. “It’s just how much money do you want to put in it,” Gerhardt said. 

Fire and ice

Fire pits and ponds are nice and all, but what about combining the two for real dramatic flair? Gerhardt recommends getting the fire and ice look by adding a propane gas burner to your pond. 

Gas lamps and LEDs

Gerhardt recommends using low voltage LED lighting to highlight features in your garden like plants, sculptures, or arbors. “Copper garden path lights are lovely to define areas and [help] add another artful element to your garden,” he said.

Fire pits

Despite the plethora of heaters and other fancy outdoor fire features on the market right now, fire pits are still great choices for warming yourself and your guests, said Lehnert. This long-standing, go-to for backyard parties isn’t going anywhere.


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