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Best Dressed: Columbus faves share their personal style

Best Dressed: Columbus faves share their personal style

Sarah Sole

You don’t have to be a Hollywood star to shine. We talked to some of our local celebs about what inspires the outfits they rock. 


Tommy McClure, founder, executive director, Columbus Fashion Council

Photo courtesy of Tommy McClure

When I took this photo in front of the new art installation in the Short North, “The Maker’s Monument” by Mark Reigelman, I was attending a natural wine tasting at Townhall. Townhall is a casual restaurant, and it was a warm day. So I chose to wear my Express denims and a fun “Oysters & Alcohol” T-shirt from Coastal Local Seafood. Adding an INC faded leopard print button-up from Macy’s would give my casual outfit an elevated look, ready for a wine tasting. I’m a Vans guy and decided to compliment my look with a pair of floral print Vans. To complete my look, I added a black lava stone bracelet from White Canvas Designs. My style is normally non-fussy and relatable…I even stopped wearing belts a few years ago. No matter the function, I like to present myself to the world with confidence, style, and relatability. Fashion plays an important role in all of our lives. Fashion impacts all of us.

Monica Day, morning anchor, NBC4 Today

Photo courtesy of Monica Day

My work style is classic, colorful, and comfortable. I look for clothes that will outlast trends and are easy to throw on at 3 a.m. Plus I’m a sucker for a jumpsuit.

Matt Barnes, morning anchor, NBC4 Today

Photo courtesy of Matt Barnes

My style would best be described as casual with a capital C! Wearing a suit and tie for work five days a week means when I can dress down, I’m probably wearing one of my 50 Homage tees (I have a problem, haha.) or a simple button down to “class” it up a little.

Roy Hall, executive director, Driven Foundation/former OSU football player

Photo by Ally Schnaidt

When I step into a room to speak to leaders and companies around the country I have to be confident, and I have to exhibit uncommon energy. I intentionally wear nontraditional-colored suits to express energy, passion, and the inner fire needed to overcome adversity. Color is energy, and energy is your spirit. Half of success is having the courage to BE YOURSELF and not worrying about what people might think. Why labor and dedicate so much time trying to fit in when you were born to stand out? Born to be great?! My suit, just like my football uniform for THE Ohio State University and in the NFL, is a constant reminder that I’m on a mission to help people WIN and stay driven!

Bobbi Kitten, actress/front woman, Damn the Witch Siren

Photo courtesy of Bobbi Kitten

My style is very eclectic—it’s not straight up torn out of one era or inspiration. I feel like it’s a direct reflection of my personality and the music I make, which is a bit all over the place. But if there’s a few recurring themes, it’s the need to stand out, the need for romance, and throwing in a bit of a dark edge. I’m very feminine, but I love to juxtapose lace with a huge leather choker or massive black boots to play into my masculinity. My biggest fashion inspos have always been Winona Ryder, Alexander McQueen, David Bowie, and Shakespeare.


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