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New expansion plans for North Market include a 31-story building

New expansion plans for North Market include a 31-story building

Jack McLaughlin

The North Market downtown is on the up.


On Wednesday, private investment firm Rockbridge released new renderings for a mixed-used development that would add a whole lot to the historic downtown marketplace.


The centerpiece of the project is a 31-story building, five stories taller than the 26-story construction proposed in 2019.

The development will include a hotel plus residential and office space. It will increase the footprint of the North Market by 50 percent, adding 11,000 square feet of vendor and outdoor space.

“The North Market must continue to be an evolving institution to stay relevant and prosperous,” said Rick Wolfe, North Market Executive Director. “Our prosperity is a result of the great support from the City of Columbus, the community and, most importantly, our dedicated entrepreneurs and merchants. This project will provide financial stability, expand merchant space, and provide more space for the public to engage with the market and our merchants.”

The next step for the project is a review by the Historic Resources Commission on Sept. 16, and the Downtown Commission on Sept. 28.

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