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Your favorite BrewDog beer is now a bar soap

Your favorite BrewDog beer is now a bar soap

Sarah Sole

Over the holidays Glenn Avenue Soap Company quietly expanded one of their popular product lines. 

We’ll give you a hint: You can’t drink these soaps and lotions, but we don’t blame you for being tempted. 

Yes, the soap company added to their BrewDog Elvis Juice line, producing a bar soap for the 2020 holiday season. Co-founder Phil Metzler said the popular product is still available and is a permanent part of the collection. 

“We wanted to add to the product line and have something fun this holiday,” said Metzler, who owns the soap company with his wife, Sandra. 


The soap company’s beer bar soaps have been around for five years or so. Their BrewDog Elvis Juice line came a bit later (in 2018) after the brewery wanted a product line for their craft beer hotel, DogHouse Columbus. 

The line includes foaming hand soap, foaming face wash, hand and body lotion, shampoo, body wash, conditioner, and now the new bar soap. The products are all available for retail order except for the foaming face wash. 

In addition to the recent Brew Dog Elvis Juice bar soap, the soap company has another project in the works for 2021. 

Metzler said he and staff are developing a hand and body cream that could launch by the end of summer. The consistency would be somewhere in between the hand and body lotions and the body butters they already offer. 

He also said that they’re looking to come up with CBD versions of some of their top-selling products, though this venture doesn’t yet have a timeline. 

Sounds like we have a lot to look forward to. In the meantime, we’ll be busy thinking about all our favorite beers we’d like to see made into soaps. 


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