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June 2021

June 2021

Sarah Sole

Happy Pride, Columbus!

For the month of June, we wanted to dedicate our entire issue to the LGBTQ community. So in that vein, you’ll find that our cover section features unedited submissions from the Columbus community. From photos, to essays, to artwork, all share viewpoints from LGBTQ community members who call Columbus home. We’re proud to share their stories with you.


We didn’t want to limit our celebration to a cover section, though. You can read about Plenty O’ Cookies, the product of a local cookie-baking entrepreneur who fused his drag persona (Plenty O’ Smiles) with his dessert prowess. Then there’s Que Jones, who’s known for designing gowns, outfits, and costumes for many a Columbus drag queen. Take a trip with us to Tremont Lounge, which has served as a haven for the LGBTQ community since 1987. Learn about the man behind the German Village we know and love today. And honestly, did you expect to read a Pride issue that didn’t include an update on all things Nina West?

We’re celebrating all of you who make up the diverse fabric that is our fine city. Today, that fabric is rainbow colored, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We love you, Columbus.

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