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Three Decades of Experience

Three Decades of Experience


What began as friendship made by teammates in a softball league has blossomed into a successful business partnership. Tyler Kelly and Thomas Louters have joined forces at Revolution Mortgage, where they have recently opened a new branch. 

With 34 years of combined, proven experience, the two are now bringing their brand of down-to-earth, no-nonsense expertise to customers in the Easton area. “He’s a great buddy, and a great mortgage guy, as well,” said Kelly of Louter.

Opening up a new Revolution Mortgage branch at a time when the housing market is booming allows the duo to let their customer service strengths shine. “It’s a crazy market, but we get to help people through it and get their offers accepted, and that is what we love to do,” said Kelly.


“We love being able to help people with one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives and we love helping people make a change for the positive,” Kelly said. “Now being a branch manager, I also love to see this inside the office as well. I love helping mold and train someone and see them be successful.”  

Having an experienced team on your side is critical. In this “seller’s market,” it is important for the buyer to hire experienced professionals to guide them through every step of the buying process. Rookie mistakes can cause deals to fall through. 

“When they talk to me, they are dealing with a seasoned loan originator who has their best interest at heart,” said Kelly. “They can trust knowing that I am going to take care of them and get them to the finish line on time.”

Photo by Jen Brown

That’s just part of Kelly’s no-nonsense approach to his customers. 

“I’m a firm believer that as a loan officer you don’t need to sell. No one wants to be sold. You inform, educate, and deliver an experience unmatched for your borrowers and realtors. Providing a seamless and timely home buying process has been the driving force of my success and has organically grown my business. As a sales manager for Revolution Mortgage, I am able to share my knowledge and values and I look forward to implementing these same practices in my new branch to better serve all our clients and referral partners,” Kelly said.

Louters says its positive approach to his business that brings his customers the best results.

“I am excited to be a Branch Manager for Revolution with the opportunity to make a positive impact on my team and enhance my leadership skills,” Louters said. “ I believe that if you come to work with a plan and give your clients and colleagues your very best, everything else will work itself out. I look forward to seeing what we’re able to accomplish together and how we grow, personally and professionally.”

Kelly and Louters are ready to help, no matter how competitive the market. “Our advice in this market is to trust. Trust the people you work with and trust the process.”


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