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Wag that Tail: PetSuites Gahanna helps your dogs live their best lives

Wag that Tail: PetSuites Gahanna helps your dogs live their best lives

Sarah Sole

What’s the most popular offering at PetSuites Gahanna

If you guessed their daycare, you’re right. 

“Everyone loves having a worn out, cuddly pup at the end of the day,” said General Manager Erica Howe. 

While business might be booming for doggie daycare, it’s just one in a collection of well-rounded services that PetSuites Gahanna offers Columbus-area dog owners. 

“All of our services are customizable to give your pet the best experience possible,” Howe said. 


Available services include daycare, boarding, training, and grooming. And if you have a puppy, PetSuites offers a special “puppy preschool” daycare option for puppies that are three to six months old. It’s tailor-made for young ‘uns, helping them learn to socialize with other pups and become more accustomed to being away from their parents. Puppies learn how to share toys and a bit about potty training. 

“Your pup gets to play all day and get a ton of attention while you go about your day, knowing they’re in great hands,” Howe said. 

While PetSuites’ daycare options help pups become sociable, their grooming services are also available for doggies to look and feel their best. All grooming is performed by highly trained professionals, and services are available by appointment. Pressed for time? You can add a grooming session onto a day of daycare or even a boarding stay. 

Even the best-looking pooch needs to be well behaved though, and that’s where PetSuites’ training program comes in. 

“Our training program is our newest offering,” Howe said. “Our trainer works directly with you to ensure that you and your pup are getting the most out of their training sessions.” 

Positive reinforcement is the name of the game here, and pups can learn basic training, socialization skills, and other personalized curriculums. 

Regardless of which services they’re offering to their clients and fur babies, PetSuites’ staff approaches everything with a mindful focus. 

“We believe in a whole pet and whole person model,” Howe said. “This means we want the body, mind, and spirit of each staff member and guest to be engaged each day.” 

At PetSuites, the staff is grateful for their pet parents and fur babies, treating each dog like their own. 

“Our pet parents always say that they love seeing how excited their pup gets when they walk into the building and run right to the kennel door, ready to start their stay, and it’s just as amazing to see how happy and fulfilled they are when they get picked up,” Howe said.

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