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Stock & Barrel: Spring 2021

Stock & Barrel: Spring 2021

Sarah Sole

We have two words, Columbus: Pizza and beer. Has there ever been a more classic pairing? And while we’re talking about beer, we have a new one for you to try: Our very own, newly released 614 beer, created in partnership with Wolf’s Ridge Brewing. It’s a versatile one to enjoy with friends, family, or just while you’re sitting on the patio at home. We recommend cracking open a can while you’re reading this issue. 


What’s on deck:

  • The best brews for spring
  • The perfect pizza and drink pairings
  • The essential guides to pizza sauce and crust
  • A look at our city’s gourmet pizza scene
  • Ben’s Vegan Frisbees
  • Our very own pizza bracket
  • All-natural farm store Foraged and Sown
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