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Police searching for suspect who assaulted, threatened to kill UDF clerk

Police searching for suspect who assaulted, threatened to kill UDF clerk

Jack McLaughlin

Columbus police are searching for a suspect who allegedly assaulted and threatened to kill a United Dairy Farmers employee last month.

According to Columbus Police, on June 11 at 1:18 p.m. officers responded to a disturbance at the United Dairy Farmers convenience store located at 1043 W. Broad St. Officers were informed by store employees that a group of women allegedly knocked over a cash register and stole items from the store. One of the women them assaulted a store clerk as well.

Employees told police the incident stemmed from an earlier dispute between the suspect and the employee who was assaulted.


One of the suspects briefly left the store to retrieve a bag from her car. Surveillance video footage provided by Columbus Police shows her reaching into the bag at the store entrance. Police said she also threatened to kill the UDF employee.

The suspect then left the store, but returned less than five minutes later to vandalize and steal from the store again with a group of multiple individuals.

If you have any information about the incident, contact Det. Herman with the Columbus Police Department’s robbery unit at 614-645-4665.

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