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Pretend to be a passenger on ‘The Titanic’ at COSI’s upcoming exhibit!

Pretend to be a passenger on ‘The Titanic’ at COSI’s upcoming exhibit!

Sav McKee

COSI, The Center of Science and Industry, was voted the #1 Science Museum in the Country for a reason: they’re continuously innovating ideas to engage young minds and creating new spaces to explore.

Starting October 4th, COSI will be offering exciting new exhibits, ranging from all things Barbie™, to illuminating creatures, and even The Titanic.

First up, on October 4th, is the Barbie™ You can Be Anything™ exhibit, where kids are encouraged to explore activities that inspire creativity and their unlimited potential. Kids are encouraged to play, dress up, and unleash their inner power.

Photo via COSI

Then, on October 14th, The American Museum of Natural History in New York brings their Creature of Light, Nature’s Bioluminescence exhibit, which highlights the extraordinary organisms that illuminate the dark depths of the oceans. They’ll also feature other creatures that glow, including fireflies found in backyards!

In March of 2024, the highly anticipated TITANIC: The Artifact Exhibition opens, bringing authentic artifacts from the early 1900’s recovered from the wreck site of Titanic. Guests will receive a replica boarding pass, pretend they’re a passenger, and then follow the journey of what life was like on Titanic. As someone who grew up obsessing over this movie and reading every Titanic book possible in elementary and middle school, I’m very excited for this exhibit!

Photo via COSI

 “We are so very excited to be able to continue having award-winning impacts as we to bring timely and unprecedented exhibit content to this great Central Ohio region,”  said Dr. Frederic Bertley, president and CEO of COSI.  

For more information on all of COSI’s upcoming traveling exhibitions and more, please visit


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