614Works FAQ


614Works gives you two options. When you create a job you’ll have a choice to use our Quick Apply form – which sends the application info and their uploaded resume to your 614Works account where you can view and manage the individuals application. You will be notified via email with each new applicant!

Or, you can simply fill in the external application URL and an “Apply Online” button will appear at the bottom of your job posting which sends them to the destination of your choice.

At this time we do not have this feature because we want to keep job posts simple and to the point. However, you are encouraged to feature your company website or social media account in the post so candidates can get snapshot of your company.

You also have “About us” text that appears beneath each job post. This is a good place to share external links that might be of interest to potential candidates.

Again, keep it simple is the way to go! You will be asked two categorization questions when you post the position:

  1. Full time, part-time, freelance or internship
  2. Experience level: entry, mid or senior

Many job boards have eliminated traditional categories (finance, sales, etc) because modern users simply use the search function to find roles they might be interested in. That makes it important to create a job post as clearly and descriptively as possible!

614Works features safe and secure integration with Stripe.™ After registering as an Employer you will have the opportunity to select one of our three plans which can be paid for using any major credit card on our secure checkout page.

The billing cycle (30 days) begins the day you purchase a plan on our site.

Yes, because our pricing plans are designed to make it affordable for even the smallest business to advertise. Even if you have no current positions available, we’ve found it helpful to have a stack of resumes ready to go should one open up. That’s why keeping at least one ad posted at all times is a smart bet. But keep in mind, you can cancel at any time from your account settings page.

Absolutely! You can edit any portion of the job description while the job is live. You also have the option on the job post creation page to list the position as “filled” which hides it on the site. Sometimes you may get too many applicants and need to slow it down!

This optional feature is available to select with each individual job posting. Sometimes you may want to keep a certain position (high turnover or growth) out in the public to have a steady stream of resumes when you need them. You might call this our “set-and-forget” feature – it’s always on!

By selecting “autorenew”, the job post will be automatically boosted to the top of the site as a “new” post every 30 days. You will also receive a fresh, new Tweet and inclusion in the 614Now email with each job post renewed. You can always deselect this feature from any job post at any time.

We take care of all the details!  Here’s how it works:

Within 48 business hours (Mon-Fri) of your new job post (or autorenewed) our marketing and support specialists will craft a Tweet highlighting an interesting aspect of your job post – something designed to make it stand out. We will publish this Tweet automatically in the @614magazine Twitter feed. The Tweet will link back directly to your job post on 614Works.

With your primary employer account you can customize the hiring company and/or notification email for each job post you create. You can also upload a different business logo for each job post. The HR Master plan is perfect for companies who hire for multiple businesses with multiple job posts for each!

Once again, 614Works handles everything!

Within 48 business hours (Mon-Fri) of your new job post (or autorenewed) your job post title, company name and logo are included in a 614Now daily email which features the newest job ads on the site. The ads link directly to your job post on 614Works.

Simply use the share features contained on your job post – they are configured to share with all the major social sites including Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.