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Rusty Bucket Tavern and Restaurant – Hilliard

614now Staff



$6 per burger

Tax, gratuity, and beverages not included



Juicy Lucy -Two fresh hand-pattied burgers topped with caramelized onions and American cheese on a toasted sesame seed bun.

Turkey Burger – Fresh ground turkey and American cheese served with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and mayo on bun.

Veggie Burger – House made crispy black bean burger on a whole wheat bun topped with pepperjack cheese and served with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and mayo on the bun.

Served with Chips for $2.



Columbus Brewing Company – $6 16oz Drafts, $7 20oz Drafts


Rusty Bucket Tavern and Restaurant

3901 Britton Pkwy

Hilliard, OH 43026

(614) 777-5868


Menu Hours:

Lunch & Dinner


Community Partners


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Health & Fitness

Truth or Trend: Does “detox water” really work?

Becca Kirian RD, LD, CNSC



Water, H20, aqua: the most basic of necessities for human life. Water is a vital part of many bodily functions, including removal of waste products, but can we make water even “better” for us as a “detox water?"

Simple answer: no.

H20, i.e. two hydrogen atoms connected to an oxygen atom, is the chemical identity of water. This specific formation is what separates it from other molecules, and makes it the most vital substance to human existence.

Soaking things in your water like ginger, cinnamon, or cucumbers can alter the taste but will not chemically alter the structure. Water infusions like the ones listed in the post above can taste great, but water is still H20 and will function as such.

That being said, water infusions are not bad; in fact if you’re struggling to meet your daily intake, water infusions are often an idea I suggest to patients and clients. Mixing up the flavors can bring water can elevate the flavor, making it easier to drink throughout the day!

Take-away: Don’t let social media tell you water can be changed to a magical detox; water is already an amazing life giving drink. Instead, use social media for inspiration for trying a new tasty drink that might help you get the adequate hydration you’ve been struggling to get!

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Things To Do

Extras needed in Central Ohio for movie starring Spiderman

Regina Fox



Always wanted to act alongside Spiderman? You can, in a way, with a new opportunity here in Central Ohio.

Over a hundred paid extras are wanted for filming at the Marion Correctional Facility on November 14 and 15. Tom Holland, who has played Peter Parker in recent Spiderman and Avengers movies, will be starring in the new movie called "Cherry," directed by famed Marvel directors Joe and Anthony Russo. 10TV reports Holland will be doing the scenes alongside the extras in Marion.

The agency is looking for males ages 18 and up, with no previous acting experience required. Hired extras will be paid $9/hour with eight hours of work a day guaranteed, reports 10TV.

Those interested and available can send a current headshot and a head-to-toe shot with their name, phone, email, height, and weight to [email protected] for consideration.

"Cherry" is based on a book by Nico Walker about an Army medic becoming a serial bank robber after an addiction to drugs puts him in debt.

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Things To Do

Holiday shop ’til you drop at 4 Christmas stores around Ohio

614now Staff



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