The First-Ever Burger & Beer Week Poll

Let’s make some patty picks! Vote below on the burgers that sound the best (pre-event) and the burgers that were the best (during and post-event). Each vote is a $.50 donation to Star House, up to $3,000!

*Voting in the poll is limited to once per 24 hours. We recommend voting for your favorites before the big week, then coming back to vote again once you’ve sunk your teeth into some savory sandwiches!

Best Classic Burger

No frills. Just the way the traditionalists and the picky eaters out there like it.

Most Creative Burger

The ingredients in these outside-the-box creations come together to form a gourmet, extra-loaded, or downright crazy masterpiece.

Best Signature Spin

That special sauce or signature style takes these burgers a step beyond traditional.

Most Unique Topping

Unexpected patties, funky cheeses, curious additions...these burgers have a topping or two that will catch your attention.

[CLOSED] Thanks for voting, now keep going! Enter here to win a restaurant gift card + swag prize pack! Your entry is an additional $.50 donation to Star House.

One more way to help give back…

Use #EAT614 on social media when you share your burger and beer excursions! For each post using the hashtag, we’ll donate $1 to Star House.

Thank you to our Community Partners

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