Event Deadlines

Sign up to participate: August 24th, 2021

Submit your menu: September 3, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

We created Burger & Beer Week to drive consumer traffic to participating restaurants by appealing to the city’s love of burgers, beer, and special events. Think: the hugely popular Restaurant Week, but even more accessible!

You can offer just your burger creation for $6 or include fries, chips, or sides – your choice! Just remember, you’re competing with other restaurants too! Restaurant Week has proven that the best value menus more than make up for it in volume.

The event is a production of 614 Media Group – home to (614) Magazine, Stock & Barrel, 614now.com and a host of other popular events. It’s also supported by an incredible group of sponsors who help promote it. We put our collective marketing muscle to work ensuring that restaurants participants have maximum exposure and diners during these weeks.

If you create a well-received burger and beer offering, you’ll probably have one of your best weeks of the year just like dozens of  Restaurant Week participants regularly experience.

Everything is turnkey: you get the marketing materials/printed menus and benefit from over $20,000 worth of advertising. We promise there is no other way to spend $45 per day and have the traffic this will provide. Be ready!

Participation fees vary based on how many restaurants you have and if you are a current client of 614 Media Group. It ranges from $295 – $590 per event.

Since this is Burger AND Beer Week, it only makes sense, right? Besides, the beer offer creates an even bigger draw for your restaurant to get every last person in Columbus out of their kitchen that week.

You need to carry at least one sponsor beer, but are free to carry/feature more.

The beer price point is up to you and will be featured on your menu.

As part of the Burger & Beer Week package, we will handle the printing of your menus. Simply fill out the online menu form by the menu submission deadline and we will take care of the rest. There will be a price increase should you not use the menus that are provided. Many diners will be visiting several restaurants during the week. Allowing (614) Magazine to print your menus will keep them uniform, making it easier for your guests.

We must receive a written description of your burger along with a photo and the beer specials you intend to feature no later than 5:00 PM October 5, 2020. You can do so using the link at the top of this page. Many diners begin planning their restaurant destinations early and the sooner you get your menu submitted the sooner it will be available online.

Absolutely, you can allow guests to order off of your regular menu, at your regular prices.

Due to the current restrictions on restaurant seating, and with to-go alcohol sales now allowed, you may opt to offer your burger and drinks as a carryout option. Offering your menu for carryout is totally optional, but did receive excellent feedback during Restaurant Week. Prospective diners will be able to search on our site for menus that are offered for carryout, so that should greatly help your sales volume that week if you choose to participate.

We are capping participation at approximately 75 individual brands.