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august, 2018

26sunWhole Hog Butchery Class With Six Bucket's Farm


Event Details

It’s time to get familiar with your favorite cuts of pork. Join Seth and Lyndsey Teter of Six Buckets Farm as they lead a hands-on class on how to break down a whole hog. Lyndsey and Seth will share a glimpse into their own home life—the couple has broken down a “bazillion” pigs together and eat their own pork almost every day.

This class is designed for cooks who want to incorporate freshly butchered pork in the home kitchen, with an eye toward quality and frugality. Purchasing a half carcass directly from farmers like the Teters and breaking it down into exactly what you’ll use at home is a zero-waste approach that’s also quite cost-effective.

Students will learn everything they need to know to break down a hog into different cuts and preparations common for home cooking. Follow along and break down your Six Buckets’ hog from primal cuts into chops. Seth and Lyndsey will provide hands-on instruction and answer your questions about making bacon, sausages, rendering lard, and more. The cuts you’ll generally get from half-carcass-to-plate: jowl and belly bacon, sausage, loin roasts, pork chops, tenderloin, shoulder roasts or steaks, ham roasts or steaks, spare ribs and hocks.

Class reservations include the option to reserve a half or quarter hog. If you choose the half hog option, you are welcome to bring a friend along to help in butchering. Those who purchase the quarter share/one seat option will be partnered with another student to break down their half hog. We’ll have all the tools you need to break down your pig as well as vacuum-seal freezer bags and plenty of ice for keeping things cool.

Lunch and snacks are included.

Students will leave with:

* 1/2-hog: Approximately 70-80 pounds of quality pork, well-pieced, ready for eating or freezing (1/4-hog: approximately 30-40 pounds). Don’t forget to bring a large cooler!

* Instructions for rendering lard and cracklins, bones and scraps for making stock, and all the other goodies (hearts, livers, tongues) that are hard to get from a butcher—nothing ends up in the trash during this class

* An Instagrammable photo of themselves with a pig head (optional)

* The knowledge required to buy a half hog direct from a farmer without having to pay the $200+ processing fee


(Sunday) 9:30 am - 3:30 pm


1400 Food Lab

1400 Dublin Road, Columbus, Ohio 43215