For the jet setting “Buddy” in your life who wants to travel through the seven levels of Candy Cane Forest, build gingerbread houses, and eat cookie dough and syrup all day.

1) Kampfire Coffee Roasters
Coffee Ground or Whole Bean Bags $14

2) Pink Moon Candles
100% Soy Wax Red Vintage Mug Palo Santo Oil Candle with Rose Quartz Crystals for Kindness and Empathy $41

3) Good Energy by Seven
Box of Good Energy with Masks $59.95

4) Two Dollar Radio
TWO DOLLAR RADIO GUIDE TO VEGAN COOKING by Jean-Claude van Randy and Speed Dog (w/ Eric Obenauf) $11.99

5) Cub Shrub
Whimsical Marble Tree $82

6) Alyssa’s Healthy Donuts
Gluten-Free, Not Fried Customizable Half Dozen Donut Kit $14

7) Rocks with Sass
Complete Crystal Set $89.99

8) Cub Shrub
Princess and the Pea Mouse $50

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