Four Christmases


Four Christmases

For the savvy friend who wants to go on a tropical vacation, but is forced to share the holiday season with their crazy family. (Wait, isn’t this everyone?)

1) A Fancy Wrinkle
Customizeable 614 Bracelet Stack $42

2) Wild Sage Collective
Modmala Kit $48

3) Stump
4″ Snake Plant and Kiln Room Planter with drip Tray $38

4) Mahana Essentials
Pause Your Life Subscription Box (oils, smudging, candles, soaps, shirts, and other rotating items) $45.99

5) Urban Sundry
Baz Quilted Vest $78
with Striped Top $54

6) jane + willow
Muse Winter Coat $120

7) Two Dollar Radio
VIRTUOSO by Yelena Moskovich $12.74

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