Revolution Mortgage

Brett Thomas & Sam Martin

Revolution Mortgage Branch Managers Brett Thomas (NMLS# 444398) and Sam Martin (NMLS# 406770) have a combined total of 40+ years in the mortgage industry, and in a hot housing market like Columbus’s, it’s imperative to have a lender that will make you a priority and close your loan fast. 

Revolution Mortgage knows that and has made speed its key differentiator in their mortgage lending and refinancing business. In 2018, Thomas and Martin said they had it with corporate lending, and it was time to do something for the people.

“The way that big banks were treating clients—the regulations, the overlays and guidelines and the things they were making customers do was uncomfortable for both the Realtors and the buyers,” said Thomas. “Revolution allowed us to open our own branch, hire the people we want to work with and deliver a quality product at warp speed.”

And it’s not just lip service; Thomas and Martin extensively train all of their own loan processors to use special workflows and technology that can shave weeks off the closing process.

“Our technology is top-notch, and allows us to close a loan in as little as 15 days,” says Thomas. “Because we are small and nimble, loan officers and processors are more efficient and that’s how we get the speed advantage. Because purchases are our priority, we are able to move paper fast. We can offer the lowest cost while also treating our customers as a true partner.” 

Thomas and Martin use their many industry connections to their customers’ benefit.

“Columbus is one of the hottest housing markets in the country, which has caused a feeding frenzy when it comes to accepted offers,” Martin said. “We add value for Realtors. We can contact the listing agent and tell them with confidence that the offer is vetted. It eliminates some anxiety for an agent writing an offer with 10 to 12 offers on a listing. More often than not, those contracts are accepted.”

In addition to exceptional speed, Revolution Mortgage also provides customers with a great experience and competitive pricing.

“With the training and management experience we have under our belt, the pricing and product flexibility allows us to be very competitive in the marketplace,” Martin said.

The Revolution Team is proud of its local roots and reputation in the community as a homegrown mortgage company.

“There is power to that,” says Thomas. When a house in, say, Clintonville, closes, the money all stays in the local economy. “Because a lot of consumers are into supporting small local businesses, we see this as an advantage, and we are glad we can bring homeownership to more people in Central Ohio.