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LKW Home Team

Lauren Lucas & Jennifer Kessel-White

‘Bad-ass Realtors®’
Two forces of nature give you a unique and honest home-buying experience

The LKW Home Team consists of business and life partners Lauren Lucas and Jennifer Kessel-White, who have joined forces to bring a fresh real estate experience to the Columbus market. The self-described “bad-ass Realtors®,” know their clients, and they do things differently to exceed their expectations.

“We are a fun, Millennial-driven business and we work with a lot of first-time homebuyers,” said Kessel-White. “We have our ideal client. They aren’t going to mind if we curse a little bit. They value complete honesty and get that from us.”

In this hot-as-hell real estate market, it’s important that you have a driven professional Realtor® on your side to help you navigate the potential pitfalls, ensure you get what you want, and beat others to the punch. Lucas says that it is very important to them that the house they help you purchase will build equity and make you proud. Additionally, there is an important education component that the ladies said is well worth the time they invest helping others learn the basics of homebuying.

“Many people don’t understand the process,” said Kessel-White. “We want everyone to know that even in the seventh-hottest real estate market in the 
nation, you can feel confident that when you make an offer of $30k over asking price and there is a $10k appraisal gap, that you will know what that means.”

The LKW Home Team recently started offering free virtual first-time homebuyer seminars to educate the public about the ins and outs of buying a home in Columbus right now.

“Truthfully, it is a trust-building exercise for us. We also want all of our clients to feel in control and extremely educated on the process before making an offer on a house,” said Lucas.

Not only do their buyers receive top-notch education, but the LKW Home Team brings their A-Game when it comes to selling.

“You really need to prove your value when selling a home, so we have elite open houses,” said Kessel-White. “We door knock and flyer the area and use social ads. We put a lot of money into marketing to make sure we have as many eyes in that home as possible to get the seller top dollar. We use drone photography, when there are a lot of agents out there taking iPhone pics,” she said. “Anyone can put a sign in a yard, but we do our due diligence to be sure that everyone and their mom sees this listing. It drives the price up and brings you the most profit.”

It’s part of their brand to bring something different to the table, the women say.

“We have mimosas and cold brew coffee, artists, djs, acoustic singer-songwriters to make our open houses more exciting and interesting,” Kessel- White said.

But having fun open houses doesn’t mean the Realtors® aren’t serious when it comes to ensuring their clients get their attention fast and when they need it.

“When houses come up right now, you have to go see them that day before they’re gone. We are dedicated to making sure our clients get in that day.”

For those who wonder if now is the right time to purchase their first home in Central Ohio, Kessel- White said that you may be overpaying right now, but the market will catch up. “Money is so cheap to borrow right now, it’s actually a great time for first-time buyers.”