Pinkney's Loving Care Services

Leahna & Travis Little

So Fresh, So Clean

How a family-owned cleaning company created a name for itself

Pinkney’s Loving Care Services has come a long way.

Back in 2015, Leahna Little and her husband, Travis Little Sr., started the cleaning company after a supplies run and some classes on chemical cleaners.

And while some didn’t believe their business would ever be successful, the Littles slowly built up a customer base on a foundation of communication and attention to detail. Now, the family-owned company employs 28 employees and carries out a variety of cleaning services in the central Ohio area.

“It feels amazing,” Leahna said. “We’ve been able to employ some family members, also.”

Pinkney’s Loving Care Services specializes in commercial and residential cleaning, pre- and post-construction clean-up, drain and detail cleaning, janitorial cleaning, disinfectant treatment, green cleaning, and customized cleaning. The business has clients in Columbus, Gahanna, Blacklick, Heath, Lancaster, Springfield, and Bowling Green.

But long before they built up their clientele, the Littles were inspired to become entrepreneurs when Leahna, a director of operations for a senior living community, was tasked with finding a cleaning and maintenance company. After receiving quotes that were much higher than she desired, Leahna talked to her husband, who had worked for cleaning companies in the past.

“We just decided that we would start our own business,” she said.

Despite Travis’ previous experience, the Littles wanted to ensure they could expertly assist their customers. The couple took classes to learn about how to safely use cleaning chemicals. They took $500 and purchased supplies. And despite some doubts from a few people they knew, the Littles took their idea and ran with it.

“We look back, and we always laugh about it,” Leahna said.

Leahna and Travis started their cleaning company using a database in which businesses pay for client leads. They also worked door to door. Their hard work paid off. Customers soon grew to associate Pinkney’s with a strong work ethic as well as open communication.

“We pay attention to detail,” Leahna said.

The Littles now use commercial equipment and cleaners for all client visits. This comes in handy, especially when using low-noise vacuums at office buildings during the day.

“They could be on the phone, and we could still vacuum their office,” Leahna said.

Pinkney’s has a variety of clients, including factories, libraries, and offices. The business also also works with dialysis centers and specializes in addressing blood-borne pathogens and expertly cleaning blood, urine, and feces.

After meeting a client, Pinkney’s will schedule a walk-through at the place of business before issuing the client an estimate. Employees are able to begin cleaning as little as five days after the estimate is issued. The business requires a 30-day notice if the client wishes to suspend cleaning. Interested parties can contact the business via [email protected] or by calling 614-817-7989 or 614-312-1254.

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