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Chris Bright

Pathways Financial Planning

Better Prepared

The investment services planner that will help you develop a roadmap to financial security

If you feel like you’re at a loss when it comes to learning about financial investments, know that you’re not alone.

In fact, Chris Bright, financial advisor at Pathways Financial Planning, said many members need help with learning how to plan and invest, especially in today’s complicated economy.

“In today’s challenging and complex economic environment there services are needed now more than ever,” Mr. Bright said.

Mr. Bright is a chartered retirement planning counselor (CRPC), employed by the Credit Union National Association, or CUNA. He provides services such as retirement planning and investment management for members or non-members to Pathways Financial Credit Union locations across Ohio; you don’t have to be a Pathways member to access Bright’s services

The benefit? Since Mr. Bright isn’t tied to a particular company, he doesn’t have to use the proprietary products and services many big name investment firms offer. This control is particularly valuable because each situation and client is unique.

“I have complete autonomy running my practice. The goal is to construct the best plan for our Members. Having control over the financial planning and investment decision making process has proven invaluable.” Mr. Bright said.

With seven offices in Columbus, three in Dayton, and one in Springfield, Pathways serves members in Ohio and beyond. The organization began offering investment management services in 2016, and in 2020 was recognized as the best private wealth management by Columbus CEO.

Mr. Bright brings 13 years of experience to his clients.
Chris earned two bachelor’s degrees from OSU and a Masters in financial economics from Ohio University before diving deeper into the investment management world.

“I wanted to have that additional exposure and that expertise – beyond the traditional series 7 requirement,” he said.

Mr. Bright has worked at several companies with different investment processes – including a local Independent investment firm, a large Broker Dealer and an investment management company. His broad industry exposure allows him to utilize aspects that worked for clients at these firms in his current practice.

Bringing transparency, honesty, and empathy to his service, Bright has the unique flexibility to collaboratively work with his clients to decide which products make the most sense for each member. Some are looking for specific products and services, while others are looking for a holistic financial planner. In both cases, Bright can meet the needs of his clients.
Covering all Ohio branches for Pathways, Bright can meet his clients in a number of different locations. He can also meet with clients over the phone and via Zoom. To help people learn more about his services, Bright offers free, no-strings-attached consultations in which prospective clients can ask questions about preparing for retirement, managing financial planning, and everything in between.

His clients represent a diverse age group and come from different phases of life. Many sometimes need help with the technical side of investing, and aren’t knowledgeable about the financial market. No matter what challenges each client faces, Bright works with all of them to help them better prepare for their financial future.

Talking to people and problem solving are parts of his job that Bright most enjoys. In working with his clients, he encourages them to share with him their most important goals.

“Every situation is unique – but the first step is always listening,” he said.

To learn more, visit pathwayscu.com