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Columbus Women's Care

Dr. Cherie Richey

Taking Control

Columbus Women’s Care advocates for women with a wide range of sexual health and aesthetic services 

Dr. Cherie Richey, owner of Columbus Women’s Care, went into practice to empower women when it comes to taking control of their own bodies and health. 

When Dr Richey began hearing frequent patient complaints about the changes happening to her patient’s bodies as they aged, she realized an unmet need for “real talk” and real solutions. 

“I want women to feel like their voices are heard and that they can talk about sexual health and their sexual life in their middle years,” said Richey.

 “We are great talking about when our periods start, but not great talking about what happens when they stop. Let’s have those conversations. Sex is not something you have to stop enjoying as you age.”

To help her fulfill that mission, 5 years ago Dr Richey launched CWC Beauty, an extension of her OBGYN practice that focuses on aesthetic services, to help women feel their best. 

With treatments like vaginal resurfacing, CoolSculpting and Botox, Dr Richey said patients can rest assured knowing that medical professionals oversee all of the treatments. “I, as an OBGYN, am proud to administer all of the vaginal resurfacing treatments,” she said.

CO2 laser resurfacing is used to treat the skin of the vagina for conditions that can occur during menopause or other low estrogen states. Specifically, it helps with painful intercourse and vaginal dryness.  Another radiofrequency device can be used to tighten the skin of the labia and vagina. Both treatments have no downtime.

Most recently, CWC Beauty has been increasing patient’s confidence by offering other treatments as well. CoolSculpting, in which fat cells are frozen and flushed from the body naturally, reduces fat in a targeted area by 20-25 percent per treatment. 

“It’s not liposuction; it’s not a tummy tuck, but it is non-invasive and it does get rid of fat forever,” said Dr Richey. “It’s great for those stubborn areas of fat that won’t go away even when you work out. It doesn’t cause you to lose pounds but you can lose inches. And you don’t have to miss work, soccer practice, or date night”

Dr RIchey said her clients come from all walks of life, and have varied body sizes and types. “You don’t have to be a size 2 to receive these services,” she said. “And there’s no reason to be intimidated in our space… It is a judgement free zone” 

CWC Beauty is housed within Columbus Women’s Care and doesn’t give off pretentious medical-spa vibes. 

“We are a medical office and we hold ourselves to certain standards when it comes to patient care,” Dr Richey said. “There are med spas that offer vaginal resurfacing, but at our office, a gynecologist performs the treatment.” 

Having a gynecologist on your side can also offer hidden benefits other than aesthetic ones. 

“Over the years, I have discovered medical problems in patients that came in for aesthetic treatments,” said Dr Richey. “Someone might be having vaginal resurfacing to address bladder urgency. At an aesthetic spa, they couldn’t tell you that you have bladder urgency due to fibroid tumors in your uterus, or a malfunctioning urethra. In our office I will redirect you to get the medical care you might need even if that means we don’t perform your aesthetic treatment.  It is just the right thing to do”

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