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Dr. Brian Dorner

Reshaping the IndustryDorner Plastic Surgery’s innovative approach to breast augmentation makes the procedure even more affordable, and just as personalizedDr. Brian K. Dorner and his team at Dorner Plastic Surgery have taken the steps to make aesthetic medicine more widely accessible to central Ohio patients.Recently, Dorner Plastic Surgery officially launched its new Better Breast Center, a program that allows those seeking breast implants to opt for a group educational seminar, in order to save a significant amount on their procedures.“We’re helping to make it more affordable for our patients by being part of a group consult, and we’re not hiding that,” Dr. Dorner said, “It allows us to improve efficiency to offer the best deal in town for breast augmentation, making it a win-win.”Better Breast Center patients can schedule procedures starting at $4,999, with financing options as low as $120 per month for qualified patients.Clients will participate in one of Dorner Plastic Surgery’s recurring seminars that will educate patients with explanations of various enhancement methods and more.The approximately hour-long seminar will be followed by a physical examination to ensure patients are suitable candidates for their choice of procedure. Patients will then be able to book a surgery date, and will receive an additional consultation two weeks before their surgery to determine the implant size they desire.According to Dr. Dorner, throughout the process, a focus will remain on allowing patients to personalize their surgeries in order to optimize results, something the Dublin surgery center holds as a core value.“We find that a lot of surgeons try to push their favorite operations on people, but we want to give patients all of their options,” he said.Dr. Dorner, who has operated his own practice since 2004, draws inspiration from both his father, who was a plastic surgeon, and his mother, an artist. Believing that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits all approach to breast augmentation, technical skill and operating room-experience is carefully balanced with a holistic, artistic approach that considers the patient’s needs first.“In plastic surgery, the body is essentially a canvas. You have to understand where things start and how the patient wants them to end up. My work is the process of getting there,” Dr. Dorner said.Patients can opt for a more natural look with teardrop implants, or a fuller breast with round implants; they can also select between under the muscle and over the muscles procedures, and more.Regardless of which direction patients chose, all procedures at Dorner Plastic Surgery will be performed by Dr. Dorner himself. Unlike many other surgery centers that provide consultations on-site before sending patients to a separate facility for their surgeries, all Dorner procedures are performed at the practice’s in-house surgery center. This not only creates an easier and more convenient patient experience, it also allows Dr. Dorner and staff to oversee every step in the process themselves.While Dorner Plastic Surgery is making breast augmentation more affordable, a wide variety of other aesthetic medicine treatments are also offeredWith non-invasive options becoming more popular in recent years, Dorner offers everything from restorative laser work on the skin that promotes new collagen growth, Emsculpt NEO treatments that are able to target problem areas of fat across the body (Dr. Dorner notes the process yields results similar to performing 24,000 sit-ups in a single 30-minute session), a wide variety of fillers, hair restoration, hair removal, and even a highly effective, non-invasive treatment that typically eliminates underarm sweat in just a single session.These come in addition to Dorner Plastic Surgery’s range of full cosmetic procedures. In addition to breast implants, buttocks, arm and leg implants are offered, in addition to tummy tucks, and even an innovative rib-removal procedure performed by Dr. Dorner. This procedure, which reduces the size of the waistline for a slimmer figure, sees patients travel across the globe to receive it.To learn more information on Dorner Plastic Surgery’s Better Breast Center, visit www.betterbreastatdps.com; for more information about all of their offerings, visit dornerplasticsurgery.com.


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