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Dr. Brian Dorner

Dorner Knows Breast People, Empowerment, Period.Dr. Brian Dorner knows Breast. With decades of experience, he’s modernizing the consultation process with his Better Breast Center™. This new group approach has streamlined the consultation process and is empowering more people to seek treatment. It allows quick and easy scheduling through its online platform, and as a group format you can bring your bestie, significant other, or your favorite support person. A quick browse through his TikTok, Instagram and facebook accounts shows you his patient’s response to the new consultation process: “You changed my life forever” “Best thing I ever did for myself” “Dr. D got me tight and right” Here’s how the Better Breast Consult™ works: It starts with meeting Dr. Dorner. He will review the finer points of breast augmentation, including teaching attendees about implant placement, choice, and profile selection. All of these aspects affect the shape and appearance of your personalized breast augmentation. “The group setting allows you to hear other people’s questions, as well as voice your own, so you walk away empowered, confident and happy with your selection” He says. The group setting format for The Better Breast Seminar allows patients to get their breast augmentation for as little as $4,999. At the end of the seminar Dr. Dorner will do a quick exam to determine which procedure would best fit your body and ensure you are a good candidate. Then you can schedule your surgery and figure out your payment or financing options. “It’s important to really connect with a patient, to get to know them in order to get them the results they really want,” he said. Dr. Brian Dorner connects and educates everyday through TikTok, Instagram, YouTube & Facebook @dornerplasticsurgery to inform, demystify, and empower viewers around the world. “I use social media everyday so people know me and my staff before even coming into the office. And I love seeing the smiling faces of happy patients as they share their results back with me and all of my viewers.”Dr. Dorner hosts his Better Breast Consult twice a month. The next Better Breast Consult™ is on May 11. You can learn more about the Better Breast Center™ and book at www.betterbreastatdps.com.

Patient Quotes:

“My entire life changed with one surgery.”

“Dr. Dorner understood the assignment.”

“Getting dressed now is just so much fun.”

“I finally feel like the woman I always knew I was.”


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