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Revolution Mortgage

Rob Livingston

Rob Livingston is on-call 24-7—and so is RM technology

Are you shopping for a lender in this challenging market? Are you the kind of person that likes to track everything on your smartphone? Do you
want someone who can explain the ins and outs of lending and to close on a home in this competitive market? Then Rob Livingston, Revolution Mortgage Grandview Heights Branch Manager, is your guy.

Livingston works hard, leveraging the technology you use daily to replace the fears of homebuying with a pleasant, customer experience.

“We are having fun at Revolution Mortgage in Grandview Heights,” he said. “We are not your traditional bankers, we don’t work 9-5! We are here when you need us! We understand buying a home is stressful and you may need to talk to someone so you can sleep at night. We try to understand every person’s unique situation and we want you to have the best experience you can.”

So, what is the Revolution Mortgage difference?

“We really love our technology,” he said. Everything related to your Revolution Mortgage loan is conveniently hosted in an app. Clients get total access to loan and application details and the ability to contact your loan officer 24/7 while signing the necessary documents from your device.

“I think the biggest thing that people like about our branch is the constant communication and speedy-fast deliveries,” said Livingston. “This being the biggest investment of your entire life, you want to make sure you have the best team and process when you are going through it so you know you are getting the best loan options for your personal situation.”

Livingston said he and his team are mission-driven to bring clients the best possible customer service. His loan officers prepare and go over all options and help you find the best product. A lending coordinator explains everything and holds your hand until closing. “There’s always someone to help walk you through, every step of the way,” said Livingston.

Revolution Mortgage can help you save you money, even when navigating this challenging home-buying market. Aggressive customers can get the home of their dreams, even with limited housing stock, he said. “But have to offer in many cases over asking (price). They might bring additional money to the table to cover an appraisal gap. ” he said.

“We will take a look at each personal individual situation and tailor a program that can help become competitive in this tough market.,” he said. “This may take a little time and effort and we are so happy to do it.”