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Revolution Mortgage

Todd Pennington

Buyers set for success
Revolution Mortgage keeps it local and fast for homebuyers

Home-buying can be a stressful undertaking anytime, but in this market, houses are getting swooped up as soon as they are listed. Many buyers want to know how they can have an advantage over other buyers in this ultracompetitive market. One important way to get ahead of the competition is to keep it local, said Branch Manager Todd Pennington of Revolution Mortgage in Westerville.

“We are locally owned. Our entire process happens locally. Our underwriting is local and our closing is local, so we can easily monitor and control the loan process,” he said. Keeping the process local gives buyers more control and flexibility when it comes to meeting their needs. “We can close as fast as two weeks,” Pennington said.

“If we need to hit a contract date on a purchase, we can make sure we do.”

The biggest challenge right now for buyers in the Columbus market is very low inventory, but Revolution Mortgage can set buyers up for success from the very beginning.

“It makes it challenging and rewarding on our end when we can get our clients out in front of other buyers,” said Pennington. “Once they have that pre-approval upfront, they have a better chance of winning a bid. With Revolution, we also give them the opportunity to close as fast as 30 days, which can sometimes separate their bid from other buyers with a prequalification.”

While Revolution Mortgage can set you up as a stand-out among buyers with pre-approval and quick closing times, buyer education is something that Revolution Mortgage prides itself on.

“We make sure that we present buyers with the best programs that best fit their goals—not ours,” says Pennington. “We make sure that all of our clients have a good understanding of the process and that they get the most out of their mortgage program.”

How do they do it? Pennington and his team at Revolution Mortgage have seen just about everything when it comes to mortgages.

“I’ve been in business since 1995 and I have worked in all capacities of the mortgage industry,” said Pennington. “I have a very experienced team behind me with a long list of clients that has been primarily built on referral relationships. We are a very experienced group that is ready to serve people’s needs.”

Pennington is very proud that he has built his business on referrals.

“The best thing is getting referrals from past clients because it tells me I did a good job for them and they were willing to pass my name along to friends and family. That is just the most rewarding thing that could happen!”

Speaking of rewarding, he said he wouldn’t change his work with Revolution Mortgage for anything.

“As a company that is just a couple years old, we are rapidly growing. We take that as a sign that we are doing things the right ways and taking care of our clients,” Pennington said. “It’s good to be part of a company whose No. 1 goal is client satisfaction.”