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Columbus Women's Wellness

Dr. Jennifer R. Jones

Wellness Warriors 

Columbus Women’s Wellness advocates for women’s behavioral health, all while helping provide it

Dr. Jennifer R. Jones was taught by her mother to understand her experiences from the systems in which she lived and to see the world through a feminist lens. This perspective guided her academic research of gender differences in self-concepts and anxiety. With an extensive clinical research background in considering gender in mental health, the clinical psychologist opened Columbus Women’s Wellness in 2017 to focus on behavioral health and wellness for women and teen girls. The practice offers individual and couples counseling, group support/psychotherapy, psychoeducation, consultation, and training, as well as a forthcoming first-of-its-kind premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) program. 

“I have always been interested in the experiences of women and girls and how their experiences are affected by a gendered culture,” Jones said. “The nomenclature we use to diagnose women and girls was developed from a very patriarchal understanding of mental health.”  

That’s why Jones set out to create a practice that considers the whole woman’s experience. “I really love working with women and teenage girls, and I made the decision that I am going to work with just them, to make space for them.” 

Jones said that the Columbus Women’s Wellness offices (4625 Morse Rd., Gahanna and 1460 Manning Pkwy., Powell) are intentionally designed and appointed. “They are beautiful, comfortable spaces,” said Jones. “Seeking mental health support is such a profound experience in people’s lives and we’re showing up for it. I did not want the space to feel medicalized but rather promote empowerment and collaboration.”

Columbus Women’s Wellness understands the experiences of women and girls and the systems from which they come in a way many other practitioners do not. “Women often create an identity based on their systems—their family and relationships,” said Jones. “We understand that when they walk into our office they are coming from a complex system.” Jones said, “We consider all aspects of a person’s experience including life stage, biological factors, and psychosocial factors.”

Jones has always been particularly interested in how women and girls present differently from men with conditions such as anxiety and depression. “We are more similar that different, but those differences can have a significant impact on our experiences. Our presentations can be so incredibly different at various ages.” said Jones.

Although the practice is geared toward women and girls, it is an all-inclusive practice “People of all identities seek out our providers because they are experts in their field of specialty,” said Jones. 

Since opening its doors in 2017, Columbus Women’s Wellness has grown substantially. What started off as a practice of one has now grown to include 22 providers in two Columbus locations. 

“We have an incredible team of providers and staff,” said Jones. “We apply a really important company culture manifesto that reverberates from inside of our work environment through the community. It equally shares the objective and mission of the practice by providing specialized high-quality services for women and teen girls.” 

To learn more, visit columbuswomenswellness.com