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$35 per diner

Tax, gratuity, and beverages not included


First Course (choose one)

Sweet & salty hazelnuts, black garlic caesar dressing, ciabatta croutons and parmesan reggiano cheese.

Heirloom tomato, watermelon, olio verde, tomato ponzu, minted feta cheese and black lava salt.

Parmesan crusted, green goddess dressing, sweet pepper relish and micro greens.

Coffee rubbed slab bacon, butter lettuce and sweet & spicy tomato jam.



Second Course (choose one)

Goat cheese stuffed, wilted spinach, roasted artichokes, red pepper coulis and lemon citronette.

Black pepper sauce, tasso ham, creamy cheddar & sweet corn polenta, pickled red onion and Swiss chard.

Bourbon & brown sugar glazed, bacon fat braised greens, cajun sweet potatoes and pickled watermelon rind.

Schnitzel style bone in chop, arugula salad with lemon & parmesan reggiano cheese and fennel cherry jam.

6 oz. filet, buttermilk chive whipped potatoes, grilled asparagus and sherry truffle hollandaise.



Third Course (choose one)

Oreo & graham streusel, chocolate custard, whipped cream and peanut putter marshmallow fluff.

Maple almond granola and vanilla bean whipped goat cheese.

Whipped cream and bacon shortbread cookie.

Macadamia graham crust, whipped cream and mango syrup.




169 E Beck St

Columbus, OH 43206

(614) 228-4343


Menu Hours

Monday – Thursday: 4:30p-10p

Friday – Saturday: 4:30p-11p




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things to do

3 spooky ways to celebrate Friday the 13th + full moon

Mike Thomas



Watch out, campers: Friday the 13th is back again. Avoid those cracks, lest your mother suffer a severe back injury, and try to not break any mirrors— today, all bad luck is multiplied by 13*! Pair that with tonight's full moon and it's anyone, game.

While you could stay home and play it safe, there are a number of events going on around town to help you observe this most superstitious of days.

The Classic

The Gateway Film center is hosting a 7pm screening of the classic 80s slasher that started it all. Get out and support locally-owned independent cinema, or be forever cursed!

Get Inked

There is nothing spookier than something you can never take back. While many tattoo shops are known to sling discount ink for Friday the 13th, Evolved Body Art in SoHud is putting a charitable spin on the proceedings:

Who's the Boss?

Bossy Grrls Pin Up Joint in the Old North is hosting a Friday the 13th celebration to help turn your luck around.

How will you spend Friday the 13th? Clutching your rabbit's foot with a circle of salt spread around you on the floor? Poppycock. Get out there and live it up! ...While you still can...

*According to no one.

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Food & Drink

I had a Baja Blast at High St’s recently-opened Taco Bell Cantina

Asa Herron



Once again, Taco Bell has surprised us all by adding alcohol to their drink menu. Upon hearing that the Taco Bell Cantina at 1525 N. High St. obtained its liquor license, my expectations were very ambivalent. Am I going to walk in and see a full bar with a separate area to order food, a la Plaza? Or are they going for something like Chipotle with bottles of beer and fresh margaritas available to order at the register?

Taco Bell’s drink menu turns out to be a similar, cheaper version of Chipotle’s drink menu. Instead of bottled Coronas and Patron margaritas, Taco Bell offers beers on tap and the option to add rum, vodka, or tequila to your freeze. All of the freeze flavors are available to make alcoholic––including the holy grail of Taco Bell beverages, the Baja Blast.

Photos: Amal Saeed

In keeping with Taco Bell tradition, the prices for the drinks are fairly cheap. You can get a 16-ounce Bud Light for $3, Corona for $4, and Thirsty Dog or Lost Coast for $5. However, the real treat here is the alcoholic freeze, which is only $5. The key to enjoying one of these boozy Baja Blast freezes is to keep mixing it and drink it fast. Otherwise, the alcohol you have mixed in will all go to the bottom.

The numerous televisions on the wall and high-top tables with stools to sit at create an atmosphere that could loosely pass as a casual bar. The real potential of this Taco Bell drink menu lies in its ability to transform your pre- gaming on your way to Short North bars. It’s a great quick stop before the rest of the night, or a way to bring it to a close with one last drink.

I’m not so confident that this new drink menu will go well in hours just before the south campus hotspot closes at 4am, but I can only imagine the level of intoxication that will be reached by some individuals. It’s no secret that Taco Bell is caviar to anyone under the influence. As long as the one security guard on duty can handle his own, you can bet we’ll be back for drinks at Taco Bell Cantina.

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things to do

Expand shopping experience at newly-renovated Short North Kroger

Regina Fox



The bustling Kroger on High St. and 6th Ave. is usually my go-to for snacks and beer when I'm bouncing between campus and Short North on game days. Now, after four months of renovation, the grocery store has stepped up its game to better serve the community.

The $2.97-million remodel includes the addition of The Chicken Co., a new quick-and-easy meal option in the deli department offering shoppers fresh chicken meals and a la carte selections, along with an in-store Starbucks and a greater selection of seafood and specialty cheeses.

A new app, Kroger Fresh, gives shoppers the option to order The Chicken Co. selections and fresh-sliced bulk deli meats and cheeses ahead of time, without waiting in line.

Shoppers will also find a relocated floral department for greater customer convenience.

“All of our store updates and new conveniences were designed with our customers’ needs in mind,” said Cory Cosby, Short North Kroger store leader. “Whether customers want to try a new specialty cheese for a recipe or need a time-saving dinner option from The Chicken Co., we’re here to help.”

Store hours are 6am- 1am daily, with pharmacy hours 9am- 9pm weekdays, 9am- 6pm Saturdays, and 10am- 6pm, Sundays.

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