Pecan Penny's


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Meat Sampler
A 3 oz portion of both pulled pork and brisket as well as a quarter chicken, rubbed with our house rub (pork and chicken) or salt and pepper (brisket), and smoked slow and low for hours for a tender and juicy product. Chicken and wings are flash fried post smoking for a perfect combination of crispy outside and tender interior.
Sub Ribs (choose no chicken, brisket or pork) add $7, Sub Wings (choose no chicken, brisket or pork) add $2

Smoked Portabella Sandwich (Vegan)
A vegan take on a chicken salad sandwich, this delicious blend is made with smoked portabellas, agave, vegannaise, smoked pecans and sliced avocados served atop a vegan bun with lettuce and tomato. Not vegan? Add your choice of protein!
Add Brisket $4, Add Pork $3, Add Bacon $3, Add Vegan Fried “Chicken” $4

Roasted Red Pepper Ragu on Fried Polenta (Vegetarian)
A savory roasted red pepper ragu atop house breaded and fried polenta creates a perfectly comforting vegetarian dish!
Add Brisket $4, Add Pork $3, Add Chicken $3, Add Vegan Fried “Chicken” $4


Choose two sides

Collard greens: a family recipe with our special blend of seasoning, collards, ham hocks, and slow cooked until tender.
Penny’s beans: beans simmered slow and low with sweet and smoky spices and our smoked brisket.

Vegetarian sides:
Coleslaw: house made creamy slaw with tang and a bite.
Mac + Cheese: baked to order, this mac and cheese starts with a roux, made with smoked cheddar, smoked gouda, butter, heavy cream, and seasoning.
Hush puppies: house made n fried, served with smoked onion sauce “remoulade”.

Vegan sides:
Cucumber salad: sliced cucumbers, and red onions, and bell peppers with a dressing of lime juice, sugar, vinegar, and a touch of cayenne pepper.
Waffle fries: crispy and delicious fries served with side of ketchup on request
Green beans: slow cooked chopped green beans with our house seasonings


Choose one:

Banana Pudding
Think of the banana pudding from your childhood, banana wafers topped with banana pudding and whipped cream.

Bourbon Apple Crisp
Personal sized apple crisps, cinnamon, bourbon, deliciousness. What more do you need?

Grilled Pineapple with Coconut whipped cream (Vegan)
Caramelized pineapple topped with house whipped coconut whipped cream, sprinkled with cold smoked pecan crumbles. A bit of tropical heaven during these cold times.


Homestead Tenpenny Amber | $5
5.4% | 16 oz draft

Homestead Sun Kissed Wheat | $5
5.4% | Bottle

Maker’s Mark Pecan Walnut Manhattan | $10
Maker’s Mark bourbon, Watershed nocino, pecan chicory bitters

Old Fashioned Breakfast Pie
Maker’s Mark Banoffee Pie Old Fashioned:
Banana infused Maker’s Mark Cask Strength, Crème de cocoa, Gifford Carmel Toffee liqueur, Watershed Nocino Walnut liqueur, Angostura bitters

The Sun Comes Up Toki Amaro
Maker’s Mark Noe Fukuyo:
Maker’s, Suntory Toki, Cardamaro, Carpano Antica, Bennett Wild Hunt Bitters


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Monday through Sunday 5pm-10pm