When a child turns into a teen — they become emotionally undeveloped rage monsters that think they can do something they’ve never done before.

Case-in-point: a 14-year-old teen crashed a car — like four different times after “joyriding” in North Columbus.

I’ve never understood the term joyriding — driving in Ohio is terrifying enough and I’ve been doing it half my life. This kid likely had never touched a steering wheel and he thinks that he can just…drive?

Nah. According to the Clinton Township Police, they noticed him swerving like a lunatic after crashing into another car near Pauline Ave. and Gerbert. Strike one.

After that, he flips it in reverse and drives through a yard and a fence. Strike two. He doesn’t stop though because, let’s be real, he’s panicked — he didn’t think he’d be caught and now his “Ryan Gosling in Drive” instincts are kicking in and he’s probably thinking, I can outrun these guys.

Hell, he might have even succeeded had he not immediately crashed into a pole. Strike three. At least the kid knows when to give up — kinda. After crashing his car three different times, he tries to run but was arrested.


Child becomes teen.
Teen enters vehicle despite likely never driving one.
Crashes three times in a single outing.
Is promptly arrested.