Guess what guys — I-270 from Broad St. to Route 62/670 is going to be littered with police because y’all can’t stop crashing.

That specific stretch of interstate has had 155 crashes just this year. It’s only a four mile stretch of highway.

“This year through September we’ve had over 600 crashes in the city and of those over 150 have been out on our portion of our 270,” said Lt. Ethan Moffitt with Gahanna Police to 10TV.

Yup, that’s 25% of all crashes in Gahanna, and the local police department are the ones left to resolve the situations which can take multiple units and hours out of each of their days.

What’s most shocking (to me at least) is the revelation that the local police force of Gahanna is taking care of the highway when I always thought that was the state police’s deal.

So yeah — rest easy, there will be more speed traps on I-270 now.