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Election Sign Wars Intensify in Upper Arlington

Election Sign Wars Intensify in Upper Arlington

614now Staff

There are political sign bandits in Upper Arlington, and if you’re a Hillary Clinton supporter, you might want to set a protective barrier around your yard sign lest it get snatched and replaced with a Trump sign. The same rings true for Trump supports, whose signs are often vandalized or stolen.

Arlington Police Sgt. Heather Galli said to 10tv that there aren’t going to be any reports or charges on the thieves since they’re rarely caught red-handed, so essentially UA residents are calling to complain to bring “awareness” to the issue of stolen political signs.

If you think that’s ridiculous, you may have also noticed the sign war on the median that rests on the corner of Kenny Road and West Henderson. Trump supporters and Clinton supporters have, for the past couple of months or so been switching out each other’s signs.

Are signs wars passive-aggressive? Yes. Do they accomplish anything? No. Do annoy the living hell out everyone? You betcha.

Has your sign been stolen? Let’s complain about it together in the comments below!


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