Jake Arrieta, pitcher for the Cubs, is a work-out nut and everybody knows it. According to Slack, he’s mastered pilates so much that he can do the splits.

The last time any of us did a split was back in middle school on a dare, and it hurt. Arrieta follows a strict diet most days, and his passion for health and fitness helps him win big on the field, but every couple of weeks on his cheat day he indulges in — you guessed it — Jeni’s Ice Cream.

“I don’t deny myself an opportunity to indulge,” Arrieta told STACK during World Series media day on Monday. “I like Jeni’s ice cream. I’ll throw a pint of that down once every couple weeks, just to balance it out.”

So I guess if you eat a pint of Jeni’s Ice Cream every two weeks, you’re basically Jake Arrieta. That being said, you should probably hit the gym.

Picture via Arturo Pardavila III