Barley, hops, water and yeast only; that’s the make up of 1487 beer. Founder and CEO Ben King began the Licking County Brewery with big and expensive vision for his brewery. But in true startup fashion, dates and agendas got shuffled around.┬áNevertheless, these modest brews will begin┬árolling out around the city.

The beer will be available this June in Pataskala and will expand to German Village establishments soon thereafter. While there won’t be a public taproom for drinking right away, they hope to secure a space for this very use in the near future.

As for right now, 1487 will continue to be brewed right in King’s house but keep an eye out for your chance to wrap your lips around a pint, bottle, or can of this old-fashioned brew.

To learn more about 1487 Brewery, visit their website.