Lucky Charms connoisseurs spend hours, maybe even years, sorting through the cereal, picking out only the colorful, crunchy, sweet marshmallows. Well, mallow chasers, you may be finding some extra time on your hands because General Mills is giving you a chance to win one of 10,000 boxes of strictly sugary goodness.

Specially-marked boxes of Lucky Charms will have a code on the inside back panel. Enter the code at to see if you’re a proud new owner of a bunch of mallows. It’s not as climactic as Charlie’s golden ticket but it’ll do.

Customers have been bugging GM about this very product for a while now so they’re throwing us a bone– a rainbow or shamrock-shaped bone.

These specially-marked Lucky Charms boxes will be on shelves across the U.S. soon and the sweepstakes will run through December.

Check out more contest info here.

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