Weirdly awesome local bands you’ve never heard of

There is a lot of noise being made in Columbus by a lot of different bands—some you may have heard of, but these you probably haven’t. The misfits, the weirdos, the bands playing late into the night at Columbus’ seediest scenes.

Here are Columbus’ “What the hell was that?!” bands:

Terrestrials: Sweatpant Punks

The band, wearing sweatpants with the “Terrestrials” slapped on the ass, will leave you with a well-deserved head-bangers headache.

O(f)verandas: The Spiritual Journey

An ambient, experimental portal into a headspace you didn’t even know you had.

Mummula: Monster Mash

“What masks? We’re mummulas—half-mummy, half-Dracula—it’s just our way! It seems out of place here in Columbus, but in our native Sandsylvania, we’re considered to be very stylish.”

Rafting: The Visual Ride and The Electro-Guide

Hop on the electric wave of Rafting. We think you may find the ride interesting.

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