The Columbus Police Chief has suggested a 24-hour suspension for the cop caught on camera kicking a suspect while on the ground.

The city’s Public Safety director will have the final say regarding Officer Zachary Rosen’s punishment. Ned Pettus can follow the recommendation, come up with another alternative, or decide not to impose discipline.

The incident happened back in April near the residence of the 3100 block of Maize Road. Officer Rosen used a technique that was “outside of policy” when it came to the arrest of a suspect.

“While the Chief of Police has made a recommendation for discipline in the use of force case involving Officer Rosen, the Director of Public Safety will make the final decision under the current FOP contract,” said Mayor Ginther. “I have every expectation the Public Safety Director will discipline Officer Rosen in a manner that holds him accountable for his actions, and I expect the final decision to be made as quickly as possible.”

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