Texas Senator and Abortion Rights Activist Talks to Columbus Women

Texas Senator and Abortion Rights Activist Talks to Columbus Women

By Paola Santiago

Wendy Davis, a state senator from Texas that rose to the national spotlight in 2013 after defending abortion rights through a 13-hour filibuster, spoke to Columbus women last week on issues of women’s rights, equal opportunities, and abortion issues.

Ignite Change, an event sponsored by the Ohio Women’s Fund of Central Ohio, hosted Davis February 16 and included a talk about policy changes and advocacy across party lines.

Davis came at a significant time in Ohio, since recently Governor Kasich passed a 20 week abortion ban. Davis, having had a post 20 week abortion ban herself, strongly advocates against abortion bans of any kind.

“Post 20 week abortions are very rare, and when they do occur, it’s typically because something is medically going on there, “Whether it’s a threat to the mother’s life or some very dramatic and terrible issue the fetus has. That’s not a lawmaker’s decision and I’m sorry that it happened here.”

As seen during the most recent election, most of Ohio votes conservatively, Davis noted that it’s not in the voters hands to decide whether or not abortion is banned in their state.

“It’s a decision that organizations supporting abortion rights will make,” said Davis, “Just like in Texas we were able to act on some of the anti-abortion provisions that were passed there, these organizations exist so that constitutionally protected right (Roe v. Wade) continues.”

Davis applauds the courage of Ohio citizens that support abortion rights, and suggests that state legislators listen to their constituents.

“I’ve been in this political world for a long time now, and I’ve developed unbelievably thick skin. I’ve been successfully able to move this issue forward ahead of my own self,” said Davis, “It’s too important to me ignore this issue. This issue is important enough that it compels me to continue the fight.”

To attend Women’s Fund events, find more information, or donate, visit their website here.



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