State Rep. says Ohio failed to protect Reagan Tokes, demands change

An Ohio State Representative is fighting to change Ohio laws after she believes the state failed to protect Reagan Tokes on four separate occasions.

“They knew this individual was high risk, had a violent history, he had no housing, no oversight and so to just slap an ankle monitor on him and think that you’re good to go is pretty irresponsible,” NBC4i reports State Representative Kristen Boggs.

Here are the four failures Rep. Boggs wrote in a letter:

Failure #1:  Ohio’s Truth In Sentencing Laws, which went into effect in 1996, requires the Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections to release inmates regardless of their behavior while incarcerated.

Failure #2: Ohio has no re-entry program in place to transition its most violent and dangerous inmates back into society.

Failure #3: Ohio has abdicated its duty to employee enough parole officers to safely oversee the number of violent and dangerous parolees that are being released from prison.

Failure #4: GPS monitoring in Ohio is not a tool to prevent crime and merely provides a false sense of security to the public.

Rep. Boggs believes the root of the problem of how Brian Golsby was monitored goes back to Ohio’s Truth in Sentencing law from 1996. The law requires definitive prison terms that made it more difficult to deal with the magnitude of Golsby’s prior charges.

Golsby was convicted of attempted rape and robbery and while serving his six-year sentence displayed serious behavioral problems.

Rep. Boggs wants the state to consider a housing program for violent felons and more effective ankle monitors.


Click over to NBC4i for more.


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