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Big Ten Media Days: What actually matters

Big Ten Media Days: What actually matters

David Heasley © 614 Media Group
David Heasley © 614 Media Group

In case your social media hasn’t exploded with sports lovers hyperventilating that Big Ten Media Days can give them a fix until the grand kick off in the fall, here’s all you need to know about the massive Chicago conference, what will probably be discussed and how it relates to the Buckeyes:

What’s the deal with Braxton’s shoulder? Is it going to be ready for the season without any let down? Kenny G is out in LA now and only an unseasoned younger player would be able to fill in if Miller gets injured again this season.

The loss of Carlos Hyde. Losing Hyde to the NFL was inevitable, as half of the dynamic duo between Miller and Hyde is gone, who will replace him is still a concern for the team (and how on earth Ezekiel Elliott will fill his shoes).

The o-line. The offensive line is young and Urban Meyer is going to have to nurture them into seasoned players pretty quick.

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