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The final unveiling of the Crew’s new logo

The final unveiling of the Crew’s new logo


The Crew has been teasing the city with what the new logo and branding could possibly be. Could the circular sign have anything to do with the logo? The name isn’t changing right?

If you won’t be at the in-person unveiling tonight at 7:45 p.m., you can live stream the whole event online. Columbus Mayor Michael B. Coleman and Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber are both set to be there for the big moment. “This will be a historic day for our club and our city,” said Crew Investor-Operator and Chairman Anthony Precourt. “Our League is evolving, our community is emerging and it’s the right time for us to realign our brand and our identity with this direction.” Keeping with the Columbus vibe, there will be Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, Schmidt’s Sausage Haus and Cheryl’s Cookies at the event at the LC.

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Previously September 25, 2014
#NewCrew: Rebranding the team, maybe not the name

The Columbus Crew announced earlier this year they would be rebranding their image, and some speculated that a name change could be in store as well. Thursday, the team put up a sign at High and Spring with a circle with the date Oct. 8 and #NewCrew. Since the Crew’s name is smeared all over the sign it seems unlikely they are thinking of changing the name, but you never know. Oct. 8 it seems that the new branding and logo will be unveiled with the future of the Crew in hand.

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